"CRFT by Collab" was launched by CRFT by Maki as a thoughtful response to the immediate needs of legacy businesses in Little Tokyo during the pandemic. From Anzen Hardware to Suehiro Cafe and Little Tokyo Florist, our CRFT by Collab service has been there to support our Jtown neighbors. We take pride in producing high-quality merchandise that seamlessly integrates the rich legacies of Nikkei small businesses into our product design process.

CRFT by Collab business owners holding custom merchandise. 
Anzen merch box
Little Tokyo Florist with shirts
San Gabriel Nursery and Florist Shirt

So why should you choose to work with CRFT by Maki?

We truly understand the challenges faced by local businesses, especially when it comes to marketing and community building. With a particular focus on businesses that value in-person customer experiences, we are here to lend a helping hand.

When you partner with us, you not only gain access to our top-notch digital marketing solutions, but you also receive comprehensive customer service support throughout the sales and promotion of your collaboration products. We handle the entire process, from start to finish:

  1. Designing unique and personalized merchandise that effectively markets your business.
  2. Setting up a seamless point-of-sale and online shopping experience.
  3. Managing logistics, including product creation and shipping.

With CRFT by Collab, we work side by side with you, taking care of all the hassles and headaches associated with managing these tasks independently.

But our commitment doesn't end there.

We strongly believe in fostering strong community connections. That's why each collaboration we facilitate comes with an interactive in-person event. These events are mindfully designed to celebrate your business and attract more customers. It's our way of reuniting locals with their favorite small businesses and creating new opportunities in this post-pandemic world.

Get in touch with us today. With our production experience, digital marketing expertise, and engaging in-person events, we have the tools to help you achieve your goals. Together, we can make your business thrive!